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A Homebrew Solution for the Incessant Gamer

Those who want to customize their new Wii U consoles for optimum play should check out the WiiU  homebrew channel.  The homebrew channel provides the necessary patch to run any home made homebrew application and install loaders for running copied backup games.  The Wii U homebrew channel was designed by Team TWiizers, the same team that designed the Twilight Hack for the original Wii consoles.  This channel will allow your to load user-designed games and freeware games on your console. 


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To install the UHB channel on your Wii U console, you will have to download the Wii homebrew channel program from our website.  Your console should already have the mods in place to enable the unsigned code installer to run.  Wiiload may also be required to load the ios installer.  After resetting your Wii console, the installation of the homebrew channel will proceed on its own.  

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zombiu download gameOnce installed, compatible components like emulators and applications will be loaded into your Wii console.  Applications will appear on your Wii menu with text descriptions and png icons.  You may now choose which applications to run including homebrew programs distribute as freeware games.  If the icons are not of good quality, you may customize the text description and the png icons of your applications listed on your SD.

WiiU Emulator for homebrew. Store game backups on USB HDD and use mods and exploits to unlock WiiU.
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There are homebrew channel packs available that include compatible emulators, applications, operating system, media players, and games.  The homebrew channel is also programmed to automatically download online updates for the software.  Unfortunately, this online updates cannot be controlled or stopped by the user.


 With the homebrew channel installed in your WiiU console, you are ready to experience extreme playing pleasure with a host of CD backups and copy-protected games available to us like freeware games.